I am always looking for new challenges!

Are you looking for a highly motivated, energetic and adaptable engineering master student with a solid scientific background as well as strong communication abilities?

I am currently looking for an internship, starting around March 2019! I am coming from a french Grande Ecole, which means I have a broad academic background giving me many different tools and approaches to solve a problem. I am most used to Python, Node.js, React.js and React native, but I'll be more than happy to pick up new languages and frameworks to better fit your company's environment!

Why me?

It's not just about the code! Here are characteristics that I think make me stand out:

  • Communication: I speak 3 languages (French, English, Japanese) fluently,
  • Teamplay: over the course of many projects — including managing a team of 6 french and 6 chinese students during a 6 month case study on e-commerce for the company Air Liquide — I have had opportunities to get used to team working and understand its implications,
  • Agility: as shown by the diversity of the projects I have lead this far, I am able to adapt quickly to a specific problem and will never back down from learning new skills — be it from scratch! — in order to solve it.

If any of this peaked your curiosity, why not send me an email at nicolas.couvrat@mines-paristech.fr to discuss it further?