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AirSig3d's website

This website was custom built for AirSig3d, a small french business selling drone solutions and geolocalizing devices.

Built with CSS3, HTML5 and powered by jQuery, the front end is entirely responsive and adjusts its size to the viewing device, providing a great reading experience on any screen. The website is also fully bilingual (french and english), and remembers a user's language preference for the entire duration of the visit.

AirSig3d - fully responsive

The back end is made in PHP, in relation with a MySQL database. In a similar fashion to WordPress, the content of each page is stored directly in the database, drastically simplyfing the maintenance process — especially when it comes to managing both the french and english version of one page at the same time.

AirSig3d - admin panel

This database-driven system also powers a custom admin system, that is accessible from the administrator panel after a securized authentification. From there, it is possible to view a list of existing pages, to create new pages or delete existing ones (in which case a back up is automatically saved in the database). The administrator can also choose to update some content by accessing the editor notebook.

AirSig3d - editor notebook

The notebook was designed with simplicity in mind: no prior knowledge of HTML is required in order to easily generate responsive pages fitting the website's theme. Aside from links, lists, titles or emphasis, pictures can also be uploaded to the server. A preview system is available, putting visual feedback but a single button press away. Both languages can be edited at the same time, and drafts are saved automatically after a preview. When editing is done, content can be saved: the new page is instantly ready for display!

AirSig3d - create and update pages on the fly

AirSig3d's website is now available for display! It can be seen at this address (company's website)