ReactFest (London, March 2018)

I started taking an active role in the React.js and React Native community at the end of 2017, publishing several technical articles on Medium (some of which got featured on Codementor!) about various aspect of the frameworks. I've also given a talk about React Native at London's ReactFest in March 2018.

AirSig3d - a first real website

AirSig3d is a small french business, owned by my father and specialized in drones and cartography. This website - my first real web development project - uses jQuery on the front end, and php on the back end, as well as a MySQL database. Fully responsive and bilingual, it also features a custom editor made from scratch in javascript. My dad being not used to web development, this allows him to manage bilingual drafts, and create simple pages with a basic css stylesheet automatically added.

Educative Sudoku - an Arduino project

This project was done over the course of my short stay in Doshisha University (Kyoto, Japan) during fall 2016. Together with another Japanese student, we designed and built from scratch an interactive Sudoku board using Arduino and color sensors. Aimed at kindergarten students, the goal was to bring them to learn the basics of logical thinking by training on this simplified problem.

MiniGo - a 9x9 go game client

My very first programming project, entirely coded in java and without any framework. It consists of a fairly simply go game client, allowing two people to play together on the same computer, or one single person to practice in editor mode. The game rules are fully implemented, and the client features extras such as a save/load game function or a point-counter for end game. Though an AI was planned, and partially implemented, it was finally not released due to a lack of time.