Kannon-ji, Kyoto, Japan.

Hi! I'm a french engineering student from Mines Paristech, currently living and working in New York, as part of one year abroad between my second and third year of master. I've always been curious about programming, and I am trying take that curiosity one step further by acquiring real experience in the industry. I am most familiar with Python, Javascript (Node.js), or librairies such as React.js. I also have experience using frameworks like Express.js in some projects. In any case, I'm always eager to learn new technologies!

When I'm not busy writing some code, I'm usually spending time learning Japanese, reading novels or listening to some 90's rock&roll.

What I've been up to lately:

  • learning some more programming! And writing/researching some stuff about React.js,
  • picking up VIM and Vimscript, creating all my configs and plugins from scratch,
  • studying Japanese during my spare time and exploring New York City,
  • enjoying my internship in Datadog, NYC!